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"An absolute necessity for getting on and off the lift with your little skier"

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CoPilot LIFT 


Safely help a child on and off the chairlift with an easy-to-grab handle    

  • Lift your kid up off the snow after a fall, and put them back in action quickly

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The essential multi-sport halter 

Originally designed to help a child onto the chairlift, CoPilot LIFT has become a must-have all-season teaching tool for helping kids learn to board, skate and bike.

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LIFT bike.jpg
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"This thing is off-the-charts amazing. 
I use it to teach my kids snowboarding, skateboarding and riding a bicycle."


Save your back and give a helping hand to your little learner. 

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Strong, lightweight & adjustable

  • The primary weight-bearing strap encircles the chest just under the arms and clips shut via a side-release buckle.

  • The straps are easily adjustable to fit most children under 10 years of age.

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