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CoPilot Ski Trainer
Ski Harness for Kids

The fastest, easiest way to independent skiing.

Big fun for little skiers.

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"Forget the rest this is the BEST!"

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Teaching you child to ski?

Start with a great experience with CoPilot Ski Trainer

Progress quickly and build confidence on the slopes

Develop core skills and build a solid foundation for skiing

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CoPilot Ski Trainer helps:

  • Develop balance

  • Guide turns   

  • Teach core skills



Some call us the "balance bike" of skiing.

CoPilot Ski Trainer's patented boot-clip design secures the skier's base of support, leaving the upper body free for learners to find their balance naturally. 

True steering control lets you coach stopping and turning, while our original elasticized absorbers smooth out abrupt movements.

CoPilot encourages a forward stance and turning with the skis and lower body, instilling core skills from day one.

CoPilot Ski Trainer
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Progress quickly and build confidence. 

  • Introduce the basics and let your little one feel the freedom of skiing

  • Get off the bunny hills and get more mileage on the slopes  

  • Accelerate learning, encourage autonomy, and build confidence  

"I'm not scared Mommy!"

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"This harness works magic"

Avoid these mistakes!

Ditch awkward, back-wrenching techniques and old-school harnesses that upset balance and don't develop core skills. 

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Skip the magic carpet, head right to the lift and start getting the mileage your little one needs to master the basics with CoPilot.


How to guide turns

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Gently pull on the right rein to encourage a weight shift from the right to the left ski, initiating a right turn; likewise, pull the left rein to initiate a left turn.


Elasticized "shock absorbers" smooth out the pull and slack.

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Save energy for the slopes!

Tow your little skier along flat surfaces using CoPilot's reins. 

A must-have for moving around the base of the mountain with a handful of gear and a little one who tires easily.

It's fun for kids and great for balance too!

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Kids love the feeling of freedom.

Parents love the steering and

speed control. 

Everybody love the results!

It's fun, and it works!

 Watch the amazing results here

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watch now

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"Best way to teach a kid to ski!"

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CoPilot Ski Trainer components


Features and benefits

  • easy-to-use Velcro boot straps

  • simple to clip on and off

  • elasticized straps for smooth handling

  • bright color provides visibility for safety

  • easy stowing with convenient carry bag

And don't hit the slopes without this must-have halter!

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CoPilot LIFT


"Worth it at twice the price"

Get your kids safely onto the chairlift with CoPilot LIFT

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